Oo-ey Goo-ey

Love of Words

When I was writing about my  love of words, the poem below sprang into my mind (along with an image of a toddler squeezing bits of a peanut butter sandwich in tight fists. )

“Oo-ey Goo-ey”
by Mathilda Wheeler

Yummy goo-ey

Gloppy gloopy

On my tummy

Takes a Puppy!

Feels so funny





Clean me uppie

Takes a puppy!

4 Responses to Oo-ey Goo-ey

  1. Margaret Curry says:

    Great picture to visual the poem.

  2. Margie Kimberley says:

    Love the fun in this piece, Mattie. And your blog is beautiful.

  3. Pam Hooper says:

    Mattie your mind is so amazing. I now am thinking in sensory words.
    Imagine the hand games that lovers of children could create using your
    imaginitive formating of verbal sounds of the senses.
    Discovering fun pathways to follow in any
    time/place with those who would enjoy the fun of not knowing what comes next.
    On a train, plane, beach, boat, even brushing a tooth.
    I can see your gift as an interactive healing for autisitic or non-comunicative persons.
    Also as a creative progressive learning tool to enhance writing skills of all ages.
    Word ladders have thwarted me, now my senses are enhanced by seeing your work.
    Iam so happy I clicked into your blog.

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