Firenze to Rieti-before the trek

The Duomo lit up–Just for us of course! It fills the sky.

Today I made the resolution not to despair if I could not figure out the blogging issue on this trip. But that doesn’t mean I will stop trying!

Today, Annie and I travel from Firenze to Rieti. If we were doing the full Francesco Pilgrimage, we would have started at the Duomo, but that takes a good 35 days and we don’t have that long–not this time. Speaking of the Duomo, take a look at what we saw last night on our way to our first Italian meal.

Annie arranged for us to stay right near the Duomo at the Hotel Balcony, and this morning I discovered coffee selections of every imaginable type at the press of a button. A learning moment: Cappuccino has very little coffee in it; Caffe latte has more. Both are good, but in tiny cups.

We then walked, each wearing an earbud attached to Annie’s phone (not an easy or graceful feat), from the Duomo to the Ponte di Vecchio as led by Rick Steve’s on his audio tour. We’d been to Firenze before, and had seen these sights before, but what a glorious city! Too bad we couldn’t stay to truly appreciate all the artistic glories of this city, but we needed to catch a train.

Some of what we saw:

Duomo in daylight may be even more impressive

The Rape of the Sabine Women, of particular interest since we start our trek in Rieta, where the Sabines came from. One story says that Romulus, after he killed his twin , Remus, needed women to grow his new city, so his men stole the women away from the Sabines. By the time they got their act together to attack Rome, the women were family to both sides, and pleaded that there be no fighting. Hm.

And next to this taking up large amounts of the piazza di Medici square…. huh? Maybe this is akin to the next colossus of Rome, but I don’t think so. Still, we see the signs that art is not dead in Florence

More art–this time it looks political. It stands next to the replica of  the David.


I  already know I packed way too much. How do I know? My luggage is a million pounds. The reason is that I decided to bring 5 pairs of shoes, including two pairs of hiking boots. Excessive for seven days of challenging walking? I think: yes. And perhaps I didn’t need to bring two pairs of sandals and some attractive walking shoes to go with a flirty outfit I decided I must pack to look swishy in Roma, but I was under pressure when I made these decisions. I also brought all the underwear I own and most of the socks, a sun hat, hiking poles, two liter-sized water bottles and a contigo to carry in the fanny pack I’m using as a purse. I brought two backpacks. What was I thinking? I don’t know. I was not thinking about hefting this bag up into train and bus overheads. Or even trundling it down streets which are not smooth asphalt but bumpy pavers or (uh-oh) cobblestones. I was not thinking of hotel rooms which are on the first floor–but that the first floor is, in Italy, up several staircases. Next time I will think of these things. Please.

But we made it to Rieti, only tripping and falling up stairs once as we tried to heave our bags quickly onto a train. The conductor laughed charmingly. We through several tunnels, which does make us think…hm, cutting through large hills, which we shall be walking.

One last quick view of

I’m not positive but I think this our path out of town tomorrow. Down. And up.

Rieti before I go to bed to prepare for the Big Hike tomorrow!







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2 Responses to Firenze to Rieti-before the trek

  1. Margery Reading says:

    Hi Tilda and Annie,
    It is so great to see photos of you and of what you are seeing. (Annie, don’t forget sun screen.) Marvelous! What an adventure! It makes me wish I were 40 years younger, or much more fit. I’m so glad you’re doing it, the walk of a lifetime. Thanks so much, Tilda, for taking the time and trouble to write your blog. It’s a beautiful offering. Love, Dad and Marge

    • WW says:

      Marge, thank you so much for your encouragement! At the time, I didn’t see them because my phone was confusing and acting up much of the time we were in Italy. But I’m so glad you followed us on our path!

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