On the Road, in the Skies

Longer line at the Peace Arch border than anticipated–scarily tight connection because of it.

Annie and me after a long night awake–and the airport ceiling, a work of op art.

I love this! The man inside this enormous clock, erases and re paints the hour and minute hands every minute. Looks totally real.

I’m writing most of this from this lounge spot. Can you see the grand piano? No one is paying the slightest attention.

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2 Responses to On the Road, in the Skies

  1. Margery Reading says:

    What interesting photos, Tilda! The airport interiors are so modern. And someone had a sense of humor, having a mechanical workman change the time every minute. I wonder how that was done.
    The line of cars looks intimidating, no wonder you were concerned about making your flight.
    So glad you are safely in Amsterdam. Thanks for your blog.
    Love, Dad and Marge

  2. Gigi Pooley Helliwell says:

    What a great adventure, Tilda. Nice to see Annie too! I’ll be reading curiously to catch your take on all these cool experiences! May there be lots of inspirational moments….but, safe ones!!!

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