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Allowing Inspiration In

“Windows: portals or barriers? Windows and waiting go together. A window is a stage, waiting for what will happen next.” –Henkes I was at my annual inspiration treat last weekend– the Western Washington University Children’s Literature Conference  –where I heard Kevin … Continue reading

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The Black Wings of Darkness

I came across these lines, randomly scrawled in one of my notebooks: “I miss the black wings of darkness. There are things I can’t see in the light.” –Neruda* I’m always tempted by the paradoxical. This one resonates with truth … Continue reading

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Connecting…the year of 2018 begins

This year, I’m going to connect. CONNECT. I think of people of course; relationship is the most important thing in the world to me. But I also think of magnets and snaps and shoelaces. I think of connecting the dots, … Continue reading

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Roma and beyond

I’ve been back home, recovering from my adventures for over a month, and busy trying to catch up with the life I left behind for two weeks, but I want to say at least a few words about the Eternal … Continue reading

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Walking into Rome and the Vatican City

Last day of our trek on Via Francegena di San Francesco. (I finally checked one of my photos of the signs we’ve been following to get the name right, so take due note.) We were tired after 5 days of … Continue reading

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Good dogs

Leaving Monterotondo was much nicer than entering it. The sun shone, we were not worried about getting lost, I had slept long and hard. There was a coffee machine, so I could grab my two caffe lattes without annoying a … Continue reading

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What St Francis Said: the Road to Monterotondo

This was our longest day and our most unpleasant so far. We are getting closer to Rome and so the roads are more road-y, the people in a greater hurry, and the heat fraying our nerves more. It is possible … Continue reading

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To the Castle!

We managed to find our way back to the trail fairly easily, and started our trek in good spirits, heading out of the town of Poggio San Moiano in a much quainter downhill fashion than we arrived, including passing by … Continue reading

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Beauty Everywhere- Poggio San Lorenzo to Poggio San Moiano

 Today’s hike, and I mean HIKE, since the way was almost entirely up and then down with little traversing, was both glorious and (of course) exhausting. Unlike yesterday’s long distance, today we hiked only 9 miles, but I was very … Continue reading

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The trek begins! Via San Francesco

I want to start with some photos of Rieti, a small city in the very center of Italy. Here’s the proof! It turns out most businesses are closed on Mondays, so Annie and I had to settle for beer and … Continue reading

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